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Select Trim & Engine | OEM 1994 Honda PASSPORT Parts

One of the first truly "compact" SUVs to hit the Western hemisphere, the Passport delivers on more than just economical size. The Passport can be a boundless adventure for the right driver. Showcasing touches of zippy performance and in-tune handling, the Passport hits the big-time when it comes to off-roaders who don.t love to be bogged down by an imposing full-size. The added variable of a suggestive sleekness defines the body-style that people notice first. Still in the game and often admired, the Passport has become an important early chapter in the ongoing story of the modern SUV. If you want to make your vehicle stand out more than ever, Honda Passport Accessories and Parts are the way to go. We offer everything you need to impart an individual essence. Grilles, dash kits, spoilers, chrome trim, and floor mats highlight our selection of Honda Passport accessories and parts. And you never have to question the quality. All of our Honda Passport accessories come from the most recognized names in the business at prices that can.t be beat. Give your Passport that extra boost to take it past the rest. Everything you need is available in our store.