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The Honda CR-Z is a compact hybrid electric automobile by Honda. Marketed as a "sport hybrid coupe," Honda CR-Z debuted as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 23, 2007. The name CR-Z indicates .Compact Renaissance Zero. . an idea of the compact car renaissance, yet at a completely new fundamentals of fuel economy and modern .green. technologies. The main idea was to produce the new compact car to be sporty, premium efficient and inexpensive. In America the Honda CR-Z first was represented at the 2008 International Auto Show in Detroit. It became available in 2010. The traditions of Honda design unveil in the wedge shape of Honda CR-Z parts, the massive snout and the high split-glass hatch. To create the sporting feel, the new CR-Z is equipped with such sporty accessories as sporty seats and dashboard, the leather wrapped steering wheel of a rather small diameter and textured aluminum pedals. The driver is provided with easy access to all control systems: standard climate controls and optional navigation, as well as the driving mode selectors. The Honda CR-Z is a compromise between powerful sporty drive and fuel-efficiency of the gasoline-electric hybrid sports vehicle. Designed as a sport hybrid coupe it continues Honda.s tradition to keep an eye on the future. If it is time to add to your car.s look a touch of individuality, Right Honda Parts brings you the top quality Honda CR-Z Accessories and Parts at the best prices and with the widest choice range possible: head lights and tail lights, body kits, wheels and steering wheels, grilles, spoilers, air filters and so on. Find all Honda CR-Z accessories and parts you need at our online store. The individuality of your CR-z is just a couple of clicks away!